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Oracle Features

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Oracle Features

We're helping developers change the world with Bitcoin Cash. Below you'll find our upcoming features in development. New features will be added as they're being actively developed. If you're interested in seeing a feature not listed here, please contact us using the form below!

Monitor Personal Goals

Set weight loss goals, fitness goals, educational goals, and more. Our Oracle will pull from multiple data sources commonly used throughout people's lives.

Monitor Sports Results

Unlock the power of oracles with verifiable multi-sourced data for your favorite team. Whether you're after games scores, team stats, or match results, the Oracle will find them for you!

Monitor Exchange Rates

Track exchange rates for Bitcoin Cash or your favorite altcoins. Our Oracle monitors multiple exchanges across the globe to provide accurate data for your smart contract.

Monitor Social Media

Our Bitcoin Cash Oracle monitors social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and even decentralized platforms like and Blockpress. Track followers, likes, and more!

Monitor News

Monitor historical facts and the latest news with RSS. Track changes to articles and set up smart contracts to trigger based on specific data found within.

Monitor Code

Monitor commits to repositories, pull requests, and more with our Oracle pulling data via Github's api.

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